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2018 (maoming) exposition of the 2nd national Windows and doors, opening 9:00 today!
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After the start, the doors and windows will be grand!

The 2018 (Maoming) Second National Door and Window Expo was grandly opened today in Changxin Stainless Steel, Gaoshan Jinshan Development Zone, Maoming City, Guangdong Province.

The total area of the "Men Expo" venue is about 160 acres, including 20,000 square meters of main venues, with more than 400 booths, divided into doors and windows exhibition area, door and window wardrobe kitchen cabinet exhibition area, hardware building materials exhibition area, hardware custom home smart home exhibition area. Wait.

At that time, hundreds of well-known doors, windows, hardware, building materials and home improvement brands will be gathered in the country. It is currently the largest professional exhibition with the largest variety and the most booths in western Guangdong.

The location of the venue is excellent, the traffic is convenient, the venue is large and popular!

Exhibition time: April 28-30, 2018, only 3 days! Hurry up and arrange the time!

Dear customer, friend:

Look at the show, no need for tickets! Come on!

If you are taking the expressway, please take the expressway at the south exit of Gaozhou and drive forward. Changxin Stainless Steel is on your right side - the exhibition hall.

If you don't know where the pavilion is, please set "Changxin Stainless Steel" as the destination in the navigation, follow the instructions, and go all the way!

We look forward to seeing you!


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